New to Boston

This section is dedicated to helping you with your move or transition to Boston. We have put together what we consider the most important information for newcomers, but if you have a specific question or need more details about something in particular, please get in touch with our Welcome Team.

**Please note that while care has been taken in gathering this information, RCCG Chapel of Resurrection is not affiliated with any of the organizations or companies listed below nor does it endorse any services or entities that are not part of RCCG Chapel of Resurrection. Also, the information may have changed since we last compiled this information so always confirm before you go. The Church has no responsibility with respect to any outside persons or entities, or the services they offer.**


  • Our church members live throughout the metropolitan Boston area. If you’re not in student housing, like many of our members, and need to find a place to live, the following sites offer good descriptions of the various neighborhoods in or close to the center of Boston:

Setting Up Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Phone, Internet):

  • You will need to call service companies to make sure you’ll have them ready by the time you get here. NSTAR takes care of both gas and electricity, and you can easily arrange a contract for both services over the internet or by telephone.
  • Verizon, RCN, and Comcast are the main service providers in the Boston area for cable TV, land line phones, and internet. Check out their websites for the latest marketing deals.
  • For cell phones, MetroPCS offers very affordable deals and nationwide service.

Outfitting Your Home (Furniture, Kitchen Supplies, Linens, Towels, etc.):

  • There is an IKEA store near the Boston area, located in 1 IKEA Way, Stoughton, MA 02072. IKEA offers good furniture at very reasonable prices.
  • Target and Wal-Mart are located all around Boston. Here you can buy kitchen utensils, bed gowns, decorative items and small furniture, like chairs and tables, at very inexpensive prices.
  • BestBuy is a good location to purchase electronics; it has very good deals all the time.


  • If you don’t have a car, Boston is a public-transportation friendly city! Trains (commonly called “the T”), commuter rails, and buses are available from early morning to late nights. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has a great web-based trip planning service.
  • Uber is a great transportation alternative to the T. Just Install the application register and you are ready to go. They will arrive at your location and take you to the destination you selected.

Groceries (Shopping for Food):

  • Organic Stores: Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s
  • General Supermarkets: Market Basket, Shaw’s and Stop & Shop supermarkets have a decent variety of veggies and fruits
  • African/Caribbean Food Stuffs: Tropical Market, 2101 Washington St., Roxbury, MA 02119

Things to Do in Boston:

  • Living in Boston is worth it! Boston, home of the Patriots, poets, and America’s first public park, is a thoroughly livable city. Whether you like sports, movies or arts, Boston is the place to be. More information can be found here.